• The Canadian Press reports that Walmart Canada is embarking on a restructuring initiative that will lead to the layoff of what the story says is "an unspecified number of employees." Press reports have set the layoffs at 475, but the company says the number is lower than that.

Spokesman Alex Roberton said that the layoffs are related to a change in store operations that allows employees to "work across the entire store rather than a specific department."

Fast Company reports that Walmart is making plans to go beyond its existing commitment to reduce its own carbon output by 18% by 2025, and is "encouraging its top suppliers to make similar commitments. Its new initiative, called Project Gigaton, aims to cut greenhouse emissions by one billion tons across its supply chain by 2030. Which is a hell of a lot: The retailer estimates it’s the equivalent of getting 211 million passenger vehicles off of U.S. roads for an entire year."

According to the story, "Walmart is releasing an open source toolkit that identifies “hotspot” areas where suppliers can make improvements. It covers energy efficiency, agriculture, waste, packaging, deforestation, and product use and design."

“Some suppliers aren’t sure where to start and where the priorities are and we can focus them,” Laura Phillips, Walmart’s senior vice president of sustainability, tells Fast Company. “What’s unique about our approach is that we’re bringing all our suppliers along with us, sharing results and taking on this broader challenge together.”