• The Chicago Tribune reports that Central Grocers, parent company to both Strack & Van Til and Ultra Foods grocery stores, has announced plans to close nine of the Ultra stores, and sell 22 Strack & Van Til stores.

The announcement comes as, "in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in Chicago, Teamsters Local 703 allege Central Grocers signed a letter of intent to 'sell its operations and/or facilities'."

The Street reports that the stock market is responding negatively to rumors that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) "is leaning towards filing a lawsuit seeking to block Walgreens planned acquisition of Rite Aid."

The story notes that "Walgreens has repeatedly upped the number of stores it is willing to divest to win FTC clearance," but other recent antitrust moves by the FTC have indicated to analysts that it will not ultimately rule in Walgreens' favor.

Barron's reports that "Chipotle has been quietly raising prices in several cities in recent weeks -- its first large-scale increase in about two years. It’s a sign that the company is more confident about its ability to win back customers," and "is no longer in damage-control mode, doing everything possible to woo back customers who were turned off by its food-safety problems."

The story notes that "the increases are necessary to deal with higher costs. Chipotle’s labor and food costs have risen in the past couple of years, even as the company has held the line on prices."