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One of the longest and steadiest sponsors of MorningNewsBeat has been Wood Products International, a terrific little company that sells its fatwood products in a lot of different venues, including supermarkets. Fatwood, if you don’t know, is this specialty kindling that does wonders at starting fireplace fires and keeping them alive; we’ve been using the product for years to battle the cold New England winters, and imagine a winter season without it.

The folks at Wood Products International have now come up with a special promotion available just to companies that use MNB…and if this is a category in which you are interested, we hope you’ll click on the company’s ad over in the right hand column and inquire.

There are two reasons to do this. One is that it is a great product that consumers will like and buy. The other is that Wood Products International’s support of MNB helps make it possible for us to bring you this service each morning for free…and it’s a good thing to let them know that you appreciate it.
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