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Ahold’s Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. announced that the first two of seven new prototype stores will open this week, in Walpole, Mass., and Rhinebeck, N.Y.

In addition to a new décor package, the new prototype includes two major areas carrying other companies’ brands: an Office Depot office supply department and a Toys R Us section, a bed-and-bath section, as well as a greenhouse, portrait studio and private consultation room connected to the pharmacy.

The other prototype stores are scheduled to open before the end of the year in Glastonbury, Conn., Springfield, Mass., South Windsor, Conn., Aberdeen Township, N.J., and Whitman, Mass.
KC's View:
We’re looking forward to seeing what Stop & Shop hath wrought… While the company was at the forefront of the superstore trend, we’ve thought for a while that it needed to develop something different, to put a new spin on a traditional shopping experience. (So do most chains, but Stop & Shop happens to be in our backyard…)