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Food retailers looking to attract more men’s business might find some marketing tips in Men’s Health Best Life, a new title from Rodale Press that will be published quarterly; the first issue, featuring a cover photo of “Big Night” star Stanley Tucci, has just hit newsstands.

On page 84 of the issue, Best Life offers the radical notion that men should know how to cook - and that every man should “have one good fish dish in his repertoire.” So, they offer a simple recipe for blackened ahi tuna, along with instructions for how to make Szechwan-style baby-back ribs for an appetizer, and a chocolate soufflé for dessert.
KC's View:
You have all the ingredients. You have the recipes. And you have the customers.

Put them together, and you might even have some new sales, and maybe even an enlightened male customer base that will think of you as a resource, not just a source of product.

We believe in this kind of synergy, which is why we’ve entered into this partnership with the folks at Rodale Press, offering on a weekly basis terrific ideas from its roster of magazines -- such as Men’s Health, Prevention, Organic Style, and “Runner’s World -- that can be utilized in-store to both build sales and build relationships with consumers.