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The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the new owners of three Zagara’s stores in Philadelphia is looking for ways to reinvigorate the brand.

Last month, Fresh Markets L.L.C. bought three of four Zagara's stores from Safeway Inc. for a price that was not disclosed. Safeway got Zagara’s as part of the package when it acquired the specialty stores’ owner, Genuardi’s.

Fresh Markets’ CEO is Jim DeGilio, a former director of foodservice at Genuardi’s.

Zagara's reportedly plans to return to its roots of specializing in rare and organic products and prepared restaurant-quality food, as well as strong customer service -- areas that many in the market say Safeway ignored. Safeway has recently been taking out ads apologizing for Genuardi’s customers for its mistakes.
KC's View:
This will be a tough deal to make work, in part because it is expensive to run gourmet stores like Zagara’s, and in part because it is tough convincing former customers that have abandoned the chain to come back for another try.