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A year ago this morning, I posted the first edition of Since then, I figure I’ve written about three quarter of a million words, and worked hard to live up the promise I made to you 365 mornings ago:

    It is my pleasure to offer you not just headlines, but an incisive look at stories that will influence the way you do business, and points-of-view that will offer a clear perspective with just the right dose of attitude.

    I can't guarantee you'll always agree with my choice of stories, or with my opinion on their relevance. But I can guarantee that we'll make each other think.

    My goal is to offer relevant news, provocative commentary, and the occasional bit of whimsy and irreverence. And most of all, a news service that respects your intelligence and time.

(So, how did I do? After all, it really is just your opinion that matters. Let me know by email:

From my perspective, in so many ways, it has been a remarkable year, and gratifying in ways I never imagined. The goal in creating a site like MNB is to develop a community feeling, but it always is something of a crapshoot; you simply never know if people are going to respond or not.

I’ve been exceedingly lucky, because the usership of MNB is made up of people who are passionate about ideas, and willing to communicate them. It has been all of you who have created this online community, not me…I’m just the lucky beneficiary. And because the dozens of emails I get each day on a wide variety of subjects emerge from your passion, it speaks to the vitality of our shared MNB community.

It is important that I thank the manufacturers who have, at various times throughout this past year, helped to support MNB, especially EDS, which has underwritten the morning “Wake Up Call” that you receive by email each morning.

Also providing valuable support to MNB have been companies like,, and Wood Products International, all of which have been stalwart and generous. (If you haven’t visited their sites yet to see what they have to offer, this would be a good time to do so -- it helps if they know that their support of MNB is netting them customers!)

As I wrote a year ago this morning: is offered free of charge...but I am going to ask you for something. If you like what I'm doing, tell a friend or co-worker. In fact, tell lots of them. And, when you sign up to receive a morning e-mail from me, suggest that they do the same.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate that so many of you have done this. But for all of our businesses, growth remains the key…so I’ll make this request yet again: tell a friend.

In the meantime, it’s back to work for me. I’m lucky to be doing something that I love, and something that so many of you seem to enjoy. Someone wrote me an email sometime back, disagreeing with something I’d written, but saying that they hated to be contrarian when I was working so hard to make MNB work. My response: I get more positive reinforcement from my customers than any single person has a right to expect.

So, I thank you. And will see you tomorrow…
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