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A new study from Michigan State University suggests that people looking for jobs will find the going a little easier during the early part of 2003.

The MSU survey revealed that more than half of almost 400 human resources officers said that they would begin hiring again in the first quarter of next year, and would continue doing so into the second and third quarters.

However, the hiring won’t be across the board. Companies with fewer than 300 employees expect to boost their hiring by between four and 14 percent; companies with between 300 and 1,600 employees expect a three percent increase. At companies larger than 1,600 employees, the expectation is that there will be staffing cuts of as much as nine percent, as they continue to look for cost savings and increased efficiency.

Retailing is seen as a prime hiring area.
KC's View:
While MNB has fewer than 300 employees -- way fewer -- this report should not be seen as a suggestion that anyone looking for a job should send us a resume.

Not yet, anyway.