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A number of you may have noticed that you’ve gotten your MorningNewsBeat Wake Up Call a little later than usual several times over the past few weeks. While you ’have been exceedingly patient, my efforts to fix the situation have been frustrated. If I may, let me explain what’s happening and how I’m going to address it.

I’m told by my email service that heightened holiday Internet traffic is largely to blame for the delays in the Wake Up Call going out on time. FYI, I generally post MNB every morning by 7:30 EST, and the email is initiated shortly thereafter. (You can, by the way, access MNB directly without the email, just by going to But clearly, things aren’t working the way they should.

So, here’s what I’m going to do. From now on, I will post MNB after midnight and send out the email then, making sure that everyone gets it in a timely fashion. (This will no doubt please European users, who have joked with me that because of time zone differences, for them it is “AfternoonNewsBeat.”)

And then, I’m going to update the site at about 7:30 a.m., to include any stories that have emerged overnight.

To a great extent, most of you will hardly be aware of the change (except, of course, for my friends the European MNB users).

I’ll label the update as “Late Breaking News” so you’ll know what’s going on. Those “Late Breaking” stories will always run first, and consist of the morning update…if you happen to click on it before that update has been filed, you’ll just go to the top of the home page.

In essence, this means that you can get two versions of MNB before the other guys have even gotten out of bed…

I’m sorry for the confusion and delays, and hope my explanation makes some kind of sense and that my plan will alleviate the short term problem works for you.

On another note…
I want to say “thank you” to the MNB users who sent me a box of brownies and a “get well” note after my recent knee surgery. The brownies are both delicious and appreciated, and your thoughtfulness is touching.
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