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A new study by The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), revealed that 55 percent of consumers surveyed say that they care more about personal health and wellness then they did a year ago, and fewer than two percent say they care less.

Forty-two percent of those surveyed said they have increased need for vitamins, minerals, and supplements; one-third of those surveyed said they have increased interest in environmentally-friendly products; and 24 percent said they have an increased desire for organic products.

“As over 50 percent of Americans increase their focus on health and wellness,” according to the report, “significant opportunities exist for the development of relevant and meaningful products and services to meet these compelling consumer needs.”
KC's View:
Of course, we’d also point out that 100 percent of those surveyed were one year older than they were a year ago, and that by itself is enough for a sizable percentage of them to get more interested in subjects like personal health and wellness.

But to say that would be cynical.

However, the report makes a good point about the “significant opportunities” that exist in these areas for retailers and manufacturers.