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Last Friday, we reported that Delta Air Lines is breaking with the traditional approach to frequent flyer programs and moving from mileage-based rewards to a system that also will reward customers based on the fares they pay. We suggested that this is an interesting shift, and that perhaps retailer loyalty programs ought to consider coming at the strategy from a different angle.

MNB user Charlie Makowski disagreed:

“As a frequent traveler, I disagree with Delta's new marketing strategy. I believe Delta is foolish to think companies are going to allow their employees to spend more money just so they can belong to a frequent traveler program. Companies are asking their employees to reduce costs, even if it inconveniences the traveler, i.e., multiple stops or transfers instead of direct flights.”

We don’t think it will cost people more money to belong to Delta’s program -- just spend more money top get greater rewards. As a frequent flyer, we see the downside…but also think that since business travelers spend the most on tickets, it will be business travelers that will reap the greatest benefits.

Making such a change may not be the magic bullet that solves everything. We just think that making a change is worth considering.
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