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“We all need only purchase a $4 latte at the airport to realize that ‘things aren't as they used to be,’’ writes the Hartman Group’s Harvey Hartman in this week’s edition of HartBeat.

“I'm certainly not naive enough to think that I am the first person to write about issues such as differentiation, specialization and mass customization. That said, I remain bewildered every time I see discussions revert back to the languages, logics and research traditions of the old mass marketplace. Try as hard as we might, we just can't seem to shake our baggage.”

In an effort to shake a little baggage, however, Hartman offers seven basic tenets that can allow a retailer or manufacturer to understand and act upon the fundamental shifts taking place in the American marketplace.
KC's View:
As always, great stuff, and highly thought provoking…and you can read the whole thing by clicking on the HartBeat logo on the right hand side of the page, or by going to:

One other thought, however…

We don’t spend any time at all reading self-help books. (Not that we don’t need help -- there would be those who would suggest that exactly the opposite is true -- but we just make other choices during those rare times we have for reading.) But Mrs. Content Guy was given a present by a parent of one of her students, a book entitled “10 Secrets For Success And Inner Peace,” by Dr. Wayne Dyer. We were thumbing though it yesterday, and noticed that one of the secrets reads as follows:

”You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

That line just seems to have so much truth imbedded in it…that to solve the problems of the marketplace, one either has to find entirely new minds to address them, or be willing to have an open mind brimming with enthusiasm and ready to embrace new ideas.