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The new edition of Facts, Figures and the Future, from ACNielsen, the Food Marketing Institute, and The Lempert Report, is out, including the following stories:

  • Economic Snapshot. A look at the major economic events of 2002, putting them in context so we can get a better sense of what might happen in 2003.

  • Highlights Of ACNielsen’s Trade Promotion Study. “About 65% of the surveyed manufacturers reported a measurable increase in the total budget spending, including advertising and promotional dollars allocated across trade promotion, consumer promotion and media advertising over the previous year,” according to the report. “Although the total spending increased, an even larger proportion of surveyed manufacturers in this study (58%) reported that their organization's trade spending as a percent of gross dollar sales, decreased in 2001 compared to 2000. Just over 40% of surveyed retailers reported an increase in trade promotion dollars received in 2001 over 2000. With the manufacturers cutting back on the budgets, the promotional dollars among the retailers were sourced more from Internal Retailer funds than from Manufacturer or Coop funding.”

  • The Warehouse Club Threat. “The Warehouse Club channel sales reached $70 billion last year and, with 900+ stores, is expected to grow 9-10% throughout the next year,” according to this report. “These sales pose a threat to the Grocery store channel particularly in the top ten selling mega-categories.”

  • Plus, there are pieces on Shopping For Better Health, and the Kinesthetics Of The Supermarket.

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