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Here’s what seems like a very smart, very timely idea…

A new Web service,, is allow fliers using Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, to order online from a menu of five sandwich baskets, which are then available for pickup at the airport’s TGI Friday’s location.

Cost of the sandwiches ranges between $7 and $9.

The company plans to expand its service to airports in Providence, R.I., Newark, N.J. and New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport by mid-February, and be in most major airports by the end of the year.

Only sandwiches are being offered at the present time, in view of security regulations about cutlery.
KC's View:
A well-timed venture, in view of the fact that numerous airlines are either cutting out foodservice or thinking about charging for it.

We have one suggestion for a menu addition: sushi.

Another suggestion: When it gets into a market, it ought to figure out a way to place fliers on the seats of every rental car at the airport, with a menu and URL. It’d be a great way to communicate with the business travelers who will be its primary users.

And another thought. CarryOnCuisine should be careful about its expansion plans. We’ve seen too many ventures fail because management got stars in their eyes and didn’t work out the bugs first. Of course, if this business catches fire, we’re sure CarryOnCuisine will start to see competition from various venues.