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  • In advance of this weekend’s Super Bowl, we conducted a SupermarketGuru/MorningNewsBeat consumer poll to find out what people will be eating during the big game. We learned that:

    Fifty-three percent of respondents told us that they were at least a little bit health conscious in choosing foods to eat while watching the Super Bowl.

    Almost the same number of respondents -- 53 percent -- said they would be consuming snacks during the game, as opposed to the 12 percent that would have a full meal. More than a third of our respondents said that they’d be eating “nothing special” during the game…which at least tells us which houses we don’t want to be invited to for the big game.

    And, it’s pretty much an even split between those who party with friends or family for the game and those who don’t; 52 percent said they’d either have friends over or go to someone’s house to watch the game, while 48 percent said they stay at home and watch by themselves.

  • Along those same lines, Information Resources, Inc. released the results of its IRI Pulse: Super Bowl XXXVII, examining the consumer purchase habits in the home cities of the teams competing in this year’s Super Bowl.

    In the Oakland market, based on previous consumption, fans are far more likely to have a healthy affair, complete with fruit smoothies and natural juices. Their purchases in supermarkets of refrigerated fruit nectar ranks 917 percent higher than the national average, while purchases of other juices including refrigerated vegetable juice is almost 778 percent above the national norm. However, the joys of indulgent snacking won’t be totally lost by the health conscious – refrigerated appetizers, snack rolls, and cookie dough purchases come in well above national averages.

    By contrast, in the Tampa market, cheering may be done by fans catching rays at the pool since pool/spa chemical purchases are five times above the national average and sunscreen lotion/oil sales come in three times higher than average. Equally intriguing to party location is the menu: Tampa fans may find themselves enjoying refrigerated dinners or entrees which come in at almost four times the national average.

  • This weekend alone, Albertsons projects it will sell more than one million pounds of fried chicken, or more than twice the normal volume; more than 1 million pounds of avocado, including guacamole; more than 50,000 party trays with assorted varieties of cold cuts, shrimp, cheeses, fruit and salad; 48 million cans of soda; six million bags of chips, pretzels and other snacks; three million bottles of water; and “substantially higher volumes of ground beef, hot dogs, rolls and buns, candies, pastries, and -- of course -- antacids.”

    Albertsons also says it is seeing heavy demand for home delivery by its Internet operation, and the company has “increased our delivery capability in anticipation of what might be our biggest e-commerce day of the year.”
KC's View:
We’re going to be making red beans and rice, corn bread, and maybe a bread pudding for dessert. Not sure what we’re going to drink…

By the way, we also asked our SupermarketGuru/MorningNewsBeat consumer poll respondents who they thought would win the Super Bowl. Forty four percent said the Oakland Raiders, and 56 percent said the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.