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From GMDC…
GMDC will implement a pilot program partnering with the National Association for Retail Merchandising Services (NARMS) at the fall HBC Marketing Conference. Initially, the plan calls for the creation of a "Solutions/Services Forum" in a room in close proximity to the Controlled Casual Conference (CCC) floor at the conference. Open during the same hours as the CCC floor, the Solutions/Services Forum will enable interested manufacturers and retailers to schedule appointments with NARMS members during CCC breaks, to discuss the merchandising and marketing services they offer.

NARMS represents the merchandising and marketing services industry and has over 275 member companies.

According to GMDC President/CEO David T. McConnell, Jr., "We believe this alliance will prove a win-win for our two organizations. Because the NARMS member companies represent the last 10 feet of the product distribution chain, they are a very important part of the process. We believe that our members will benefit greatly from the additional productivity by exploring important merchandising and marketing issues that can now be addressed with the NARMS members in attendance. Of course, the NARMS people have a real opportunity to build their respective businesses."
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