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Desperate to shore up its ailing image, not to mention its bottom line, McDonald’s has struck a deal with actor/food impresario Paul Newman.

Starting Monday, McDonald’s will begin serving a line of $3.99 Premium Salad entrees, and will feature Newman’s Own salad dressings with them. While experts say that salads are not highly profitable, they do give parents a rationale for allowing their children to eat at a fast food restaurant.

Newman made the decision to work with McDonald’s because this could deal could increase his company’s revenues by 25 percent, and he gives all of the after-tax profits to charity. He told USAToday that annual requests for donations are up by 200 percent since 9/11.

Besides, he said, "McDonald's is moving in the direction of healthier foods. And we were the first all-natural salad dressing."
KC's View:
Mickey D’s can only hope that a little bit of Newman’s star power rubs off on it…not to mention his reputation for integrity.

Newman is about as close as you come to a saint in this business, creating a quality product and giving millions and millions of dollars away to charity. We hope this deal allows him to do much more of what he does so well.