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The Milwaukee Business Journal reports on the elements that may make Wisconsin-based Roundy’s a likely bidder for Dominick’s, the Chicago-based chain of 113 stores put on the sales block by Safeway.

    1. Acquiring Dominick's would give Roundy's a significant boost in the Chicago market, where Dominick's is number two to Albertsons’ Jewel Food Stores.
    2. Roundy’s CEO Robert Mariano is the former CEO of Dominick’s, resigning when Safeway took over the company.
    3. Since itself being acquired by a private equity firm, Roundy’s has money to spend…and has done so over the past year.
KC's View:
Yesterday, the press speculation centered on Kroger as a likely bidder. The sense is that all this speculation probably means that a something is about to happen.

Or not.

We don’t know what company might have the inside track to acquire Dominick’s, but we’re told by numerous folks that if Roundy’s and Mariano are successful, they will be greeted at the city line with enthusiasm, gratitude and a chorus of “Hail The Conquering Hero.”