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We reported Friday that Kmart Corp. and its former food distributor, Fleming Cos., have reached a settlement of the financial dispute that has the wholesaler claiming that Kmart owned it $1.47 billion. Instead, Kmart and one of its investors will pay $37 million in cash to Fleming on March 28, ending whatever relationship still exists between the two companies.

One MNB user wrote:

“Very interesting – talk about negotiation! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall watching the realization of a 1.47 b claim actually ending up at $37 m…….I only wonder what the true cost of closing the DC’s that were acquired to support the K-Mart business is and if this settlement covers that expense.”

In a story about the possibility of Kroger acquiring Dominick’s in Chicago and getting the unions there to accept a deal that would reduce its costs, we wrote that we thought “that getting the unions to help reduce costs at Dominick’s is about as likely as the Chicago Cubs getting to the World Series this year.”

MNB user Bill Duncan responded:

“You can say what you like about Safeway's inability to maintain the Dominick's successful formula, but don't be dissin’ the Cubs. This is their year. Mark my words!”

And MNB user James Hervey wrote:

“It is my sincerest hope, that you are forced to eat these words come October. Best young starting rotation in the game, exciting new bats in the line up, some of us think this may be the year to end that silly curse of the goat.”

A comment that proves, yet again, that optimism lives in the world.

On a more serious note about the same story, which referred to Kroger’s plan to open Food4Less stores in the Chicago area, one MNB user wrote:

“Most of the Food4Less stores are staffed by employees that, at one time worked for Dominick's. Due to the cut-backs on hours, the laid-off employees found jobs with the competition. Some. are actually making more money at Food4Less, than they did at Dominick's and NOT paying union dues to boot!”

And finally, from the “you can’t please all the people all the time” file, one MNB user wrote on Friday:

“What? No basketball scores today? I thought for sure you would be all over that. Hope the terrorists have not gotten hold of you and altering our
sports loving retail expert.”

We’re just waiting for baseball season to start. Sorry.
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