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A new study from The NPD Group suggests that the market for takeout food could be about to explode in the US, especially if consumption and ordering trends follow the patterns established during the first gulf War in 1991.

In the winter quarter of 1991 (Dec-Feb.) during the war, NPD saw carryout traffic jump nearly seven percent versus the same time in 1990. “That trend could repeat itself now that hostilities have broken out again in the Middle East,” the group said.

“People want to get information as quickly as possible and the best way to do that is through television. When you're watching TV, you're not cooking,” said Harry Balzer, vice president of The NPD Group.

If takeout orders do rise, it will be good news for an industry that is otherwise facing very tough times. “NPD's research shows this has been about the roughest seven month period we've seen in over 20 years,” Balzer said. Consumer spending at restaurants grew at the slowest rate ever recorded by NPD, which has been tracking consumer behavior at restaurants for over 25 years.
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