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The New York Times reports that US servicemen and servicewomen stationed in Iraq are being rewarded for their efforts with unlikely currency – branded products that remind them of home and perhaps make it easier to exist is a hostile environment.

The gold standard, according to the NYT, is Pop-Tarts. The military has purchased almost nine million Pop-Tarts, or about a million pounds worth, from the Kellogg Co.

In addition, numerous manufacturers have donated product that is being shipped to the Middle East, including general Mills (Pop Secret popcorn and numerous cereals), ConAgra (Act II popcorn), Tyson Foods (canned chicken and chicken salad), PepsiCo (Frito Lay potato chips), and even Girl Scout cookies.
KC's View:
Coming on the heels of last Friday’s story about how Wal-Mart is caring for employees and shoppers at numerous locations affected by the war in Iraq, stories like these offer the light of human compassion even during a dark conflict.