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As predicted exclusively here on MNB back on March 17, Kroger’s King Soopers division in Denver has launched a new version of its e-grocery service.

The new HomeShop service is being tested in just five zip codes, with plans to roll it out to all the markets King Soopers serves. There is a $50 minimum order, and a service fee of $9.95 per order (with the option of an extra $5 fee for priority orders). “It includes our personal shoppers carefully selecting your products, and delivery to your door in our temperature controlled trucks,” according to the site.

The company pledges that “HomeShop pricing is the same pricing you will enjoy at any of our King Soopers stores. The prices displayed reflect the current prices of the store, and may not be the same as on the day of shopping and delivery.”

Accepted payment types are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and King Soopers MasterCard Account.
KC's View:
The new HomeShop system could be a harbinger of things to come for Kroger if it proves to be successful, though based on how quickly and enthusiastically Kroger has embraced online shopping, holding our breath while this happens isn’t really an option.

However, we have to say we think the new HomeShop navigation seems a little cleaner than King Soopers used to offer, though we’d like to see HomeShop promoted with a little more enthusiasm on the home page. This morning, for example, it is a lot more evident that you can see Kroger’s fourth-quarter earnings, or read details about Kroger acquiring 18 Raley’s stores (a story dating back to last November 13), than it is that Kroger is offering a refreshed and revitalized home shopping system.