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Reuters reports that attorney/law professor John Banzhaf, who was active in the anti-tobacco lawsuits that changed the face of that industry, plans to push ahead with efforts to use litigation as a way of bringing pressure on manufacturers and fast food retailers that he believes are contributing to the rising obesity rate in the United States.

Banzhaf is scheduled to deliver a letter stating his claims to the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and even debate with representatives of the group at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, later today. He says that these actions could be a precursor to new lawsuits.

The NRA says the claims are "frivolous," and "twisted and tortuous."

There seems to be growing sentiment among some experts that while it may take some time, there is every reason to believe that the anti-obesity legal efforts could eventually have the same kind of impact on food manufacturers and fast food retailers as similar efforts had on the tobacco industry, especially if any kind of addiction evidence is introduced.
KC's View:
Analysts also seem to believe -- and we would agree -- that where these efforts can gain traction is in cases that address childhood obesity.

Skeptics - and there will be many - still better have their legal ducks in a row, because this is going to be a long and nasty legal fight.

This includes supermarkets. Because we believe that while they have not yet been singled out by the litigious opposition, eventually someone is going to figure out that there is money to be had from the retailing segment, and they will become a target.