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  • Royal Ahold announced that an court in Uruguay has ruled that there will be no criminal investigation into its Argentine Disco unit, meaning that the Dutch company believes that it can go ahead with its plans to sell its shares in the company.

  • 7-Eleven announced that it will unveil a Diet Pepsi Slurpee today in all stores, the first diet cola-flavored Slurpee ever.

  • As Coca-Cola looks to distance itself from Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers star currently under indictment for sexual assault, the company has signed a six-year deal with LeBron James - a former high school basketball star who has yet to play a single minute of professional basketball - to be a key spokesman for Sprite and Powerade.

KC's View:
Of course, James was the first-round draft pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and is considered to be a "phenom" capable of moving right from high school to the NBA.

But think of it this way. In a number of school districts, James wouldn't have even been allowed to buy Sprite on campus because of recent policy changes connected to concerns about nutrition and health.

And now he's going to get millions of dollars to plug it on TV.

America the beautiful.