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The Washington Post reports that mini-sized baked goods, ranging from muffins to bagels to scones and various desserts, are the big rage in the nation’s capitol region, as retailers that include Wegmans, Giant Food, Caribou Coffee, Panera Bread and Balducci’s all are finding the downsized items to be enormously popular.

There are several reasons for the trend, according to the Post. One is that smaller portions have less fat and fewer calories, therefore allowing people to indulge themselves with less guilt. Another is aesthetics – people just like the cute appearance of the mini-items.

And finally, there is the fact that if an indulgence is small, people can actually try a greater variety without consuming any more calories than if they ate a single, larger item.
KC's View:
Can’t help but feel like the folks down in DC may be kidding themselves. Just because these items are smaller doesn’t make them good for you.

Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t eat them, and in whatever quantities they like. But let's be truthful here...

As Jeff Goldblum said in The Big Chill, just try getting through the day without a rationalization.