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• Published reports say that convenience store chain Alimentation Couche-Tard, which owns Circle K, may be looking to acquire Marsh Supermarkets’ 160 Village Pantry stores.

Marsh management announced recently that it is considering a sale of the entire company.

Bloomberg reports that “Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are headed for their first annual decline in U.S. soft-drink sales in at least four decades as health-conscious consumers switch to bottled water, sports drinks and juices.” The piece suggests that Pepsi is better positioned for the moment because it has long looked to non-carbonated drinks for growth, while Coke remained focused on sodas.

• The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Coca-Cola plans to launch a rich, ready-to-drink coffee next year in partnership with Godiva. The report comes just a week after Coke announced it planned to roll out a cola-coffee combination drink, Coca-Cola Blak, early next year. And, it seems a response to a downturn in soft drink sales.
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