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• The Wall Street Journal reports that Coca-Cola “is in talks to acquire a 20% stake in Brain-Twist Inc., developer of Cinnabon coffee lattes and other funky drinks for about $5 million.” If the deal is made, the Journal writes, it “would continue Coke's recent spree of investments in expanding its beverage lineup and would give the Atlanta company another shot at transforming an invention by Brain-Twist's chief into a big brand.” The first shot, which didn’t work out when Coke decided to go in another direction, came when the soft drink giant acquired the Planet Java brand from Brain-Twist in 2001.

• The Los Angeles Times reports that Cadbury Schweppes has been sued by a New York consumer who charges that the company is lying when it uses the slogan “made from the best stuff on earth,” when, in fact, its products contain high fructose corn syrup and other non-natural products. The suit, which is seeking class action status, is looking for $100 million in damages.
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