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USA Today reports that Earthbound Farm and PepsiCo's Naked Juice division are individually adopting new eco-packaging for their products.

According to the story, “Earthbound Farm, the nation's largest grower of organic produce, will … use only 100% post-consumer plastic — recycled materials previously used by consumers — for all of its familiar clamshell packages. Naked Juice, the natural juice brand PepsiCo bought in 2007, will … do the same for its bottles.

The story notes that a recent study by Ipsos Marketing suggested that eco-packaging is the third most important factor for consumers, after freshness and health benefits. And the two companies note that the moves are in synch with their larger brand identifies, which makes the investment worthwhile.
KC's View:
At first, it will be these smaller companies…but eventually, I expect, you will see a major company make the move…and that will be the tipping point at which there will be a major shift by manufacturers. Which is a good thing.