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Conde Nast has decided to fold four of its magazines - Gourmet, Modern Bride, Elegant Bride and Cookie

The decision was reached after an extensive review by McKinsey & Co., which required a 25 percent budget cut across the company, with only The New Yorker spared any cuts.

However, while Gourmet no longer will be published as a print magazine, Conde Nast said that it will remain as a digital brand on the company’s website, as well as used for books and television programs.
KC's View:
Yet another example of how physical properties are being repositioned for the digital age.

Another point on this, if I may. Gourmet has been around for a long time, and in some ways it may have become a relic of an earlier time. During the past year or so, however, the magazine’s educators have tried to adjust their focus to recession realities. However, the combination of precipitous advertising declines, economic realities and the lure of new media were more than the title could weather.