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The Los Angeles Times reports that Barnes & Noble plans to release a new eight-gigabyte version of its Nook Tablet that will retail for $199, a move that will match the size and cost of Amazon’s Kindle Fire. At the same time, Barnes & Noble said that its other eight-gigabyte tablet, known as the Nook Color, was cut from $199 to $169.

According to the story, “The two devices are slightly different shades of gray and the Nook Tablet runs a different version of Barnes & Noble's flavor of Google's Android operating system. Because of the software differences, the Nook Tablet can run a larger number of apps than the Nook Color.”

And all of these tablet innovations are designed to be competitive with Apple’s iPad.
KC's View:
The rumors are that Apple is going to come out with the iPad 3 in a couple of months ... which means that there will be a flurry of innovations in the short term. And it all is related to the growing use of mobile devices to communicate and transact commerce, which is going to affect how marketers present themselves to consumers over the next few months and years.