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• The Journal Gazette reports that Supervalu plans to close its Xenia, Ohio, distribution center and consolidate its operations with those of its Fort Wayne, Indiana, warehouse.

Reuters reports that the Second US Court of Appeals has ruled that Starbucks was within its right to restrict the number of pro-unionization pins that employees could wear on their work uniforms.

According to the story, "The case, a dispute between the National Labor Relations Board and the company, arose out of unionization efforts at several Starbucks coffee shops in Manhattan between 2004 and 2007. None of Starbucks's 7,000 stores in the United States are unionized. Starbucks argued that a NLRB ruling allowing employees to wear an unlimited number of buttons would convert them into 'personal message boards' for the union."

• In Minnesota, the Star Tribune reports that Target "will open its first permanent store without the Target brand name -- an exercise clothing outlet called C9 Active Apparel " in San Francisco.

The story says that "the C9 store will sell the same sportswear line that Target stores have sold for years. It will be paired with another new Target concept, CityTarget, which is essentially a smaller Target store designed to penetrate high-density urban centers where building space is often at a premium. The C9 and CityTarget stores will occupy the Metreon building at 4th and Mission streets in downtown San Francisco. Both will open Oct. 14."
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