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by Kevin Coupe

Maybe this is taking "all-natural" too far.

Then again, maybe not. It all depends on your perspective.

Business Insider International has a story about a new supermarket that opened in Süderlügum, Germany. The store manager wanted to generate a little buzz and a lot of traffic, so he offered the equivalent of a free $240 (US) shopping spree to the first 100 people who showed up to shop naked.

He got a surprise when 250 people showed up in the buff.

According to the story, "the majority of the naked shoppers were Danes, over the border to get cheaper German goods, and didn't mind being filmed and photographed while they got their groceries."

And if you want to, you can see the video here. (Note: there may be male and female nudity, but there is absolutely nothing titillating about it.)
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