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The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the city's mayor, Ed Lee, is continuing a five-year tradition begun by former Mayor Gavin Newsom by proclaiming that San Franciscan's should enjoy a "soda-free summer." In his proclamation, Lee said, "I encourage everyone to rethink choosing sugary drinks and hydrate with clean, refreshing tap water."

However, the paper notes, despite its reputation for legislating public health issues - like banning toys from fast food Happy Meals as a way of making them less attractive to kids - the city is not planning any legislative moves similar to the jumbo sugary soft drink ban being proposed in New York City.

There are other cities considering legislative approaches focusing on soft drinks as a cause of obesity. As the Chronicle writes, "As obesity and diabetes rates soar in the United States, Richmond this fall will vote on a soda tax that would be the first nationwide ... A proposal in Los Angeles would end vending machine sales of sodas in parks and libraries."

In the case of San Francisco, however, Lee is seen as having a more low-key approach than some of his mayoral contemporaries elsewhere in the country, and he is more likely to focus on education and information transparency than legislative remedies that some see as restricting personal freedom.
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