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United Press International reports that the American Heart Association is out with new research showing that "in-store promotion and nutrition information on the front label of food packaging helps shoppers make healthier choices ... when a tag was put on the grocery store shelf showing that a product had the Heart Check mark indicating a heart-healthy food, sales increased 1.5 percent to 6.7 percent, depending on the group of shoppers.

"The sales increase was highest in the group considered 'struggling dieters,' who have a high interest in nutrition but tend to struggle with weight loss and their ability to eat healthy -- while it was lowest in those who already follow a strict heart-healthy diet."
KC's View:
We don't always do the right thing, or the smart thing, but generally, I think, most folks want to try to do both when it comes to eating habits. We are often seduced by the lesser angels of our natures, or by McDonald's french fries, but we try.