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The Nielsen Company is out with a new study saying that "alcoholic beverages packaged in a 'pouch' approached $200 million in annual sales by Nielsen-measured retail outlets through August 18, 2012. Pouch retail dollar sales were only $12 million in a similar twelve-month period through August 2010.

"And the trend shows no signs of slowing: Twelve percent of alcoholic-beverage buyers purchased a pouch product in the last twelve months, which is twice the number of people who tried it the previous year. The growth in popularity of this relatively new segment is attracting new product entries, flavors and brands, including many of the biggest supplier names in the alcoholic beverage business ... Not only are pouches ringing up significant sales, but new Nielsen consumer research shows that many of these sales are in addition to current alcoholic beverage sales, meaning that consumers are not switching from more traditional beer, wine, or spirits."

The study goes on to say that "compared to mainstream (or the typical) alcoholic beverage consumers, pouches seem to appeal to 35-54 year olds, key Gen X and Baby Boomer age groups ... African-Americans and females are also buying pouches in above-average quantities."
KC's View:
Booze in a bag. Yet another sign of the decline of western civilization...