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Wholesome Sweeteners is excited to launch the World’s 1st Fairtrade Organic Agave.

Ethical sourcing through Fairtrade is a core value to Wholesome Sweeteners. As a longtime member and supporter of the global Fairtrade Movement, the international standard for the last 20 years, our commitment to Fairtrade inspired us to pioneer the certification of sugar and honey in the United States in 2005 & 2008 respectively.

Our Fairtrade Agave Cooperatives in Mexico receive a fair price for their crop as well as a set social premium per pound of agave that Wholesome Sweeteners sells. The cooperative farmers also enjoy safe working conditions and earn the living wage they so desperately need and deserve. Farmers democratically invest Fairtrade premiums in social and business development projects like community health care services, clean water, improved sustainable agriculture practices & education.

Wholesome Sweeteners Fairtrade Organic Agave Syrup is available in 11.75 oz., 23.5oz., and 44 oz. retail sizes, in both light and raw varieties.

Contact us today to learn more about ethical sourcing and how your purchases directly impact farmers across the world: 1-800-680-1896 or email us at
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