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• The Seattle Times has a piece addressing an issue much-discussed here on MNB -'s decision to embrace the idea of e-commerce companies collecting sales taxes for online purchases, even as other e-tailers fight the legislative changes necessary to make such collections mandatory. And the sense is that the beginning of a rollout of Amazon Fresh - to Los Angeles and, soon, to San Francisco - is a harbinger of things to come.

"Analysts say that if Amazon must collect a state’s sales tax, it’s going to make sure it gets the most from doing business in that state," the Times writes. And "some believe a Fresh expansion lays the groundwork for a broad-scale same-day delivery service, something Amazon already is trying in select cities."

And, the story says, "Amazon is testing package drop-boxes in convenience stores and malls, possibly paving the way for same-day delivery at no extra cost. The drop-boxes, called Amazon Lockers, provide a secure location for customers to pick up their online orders. The lockers also help Amazon save time and money on shipping, since it’s easier to deliver packages to a 7-Eleven or a Staples store rather than separate doorsteps."
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