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Advertising Age reports on a new eMarketer study of how people use their iPads … which is important if your customers use tablet technology to either access information about products they want to buy, or actually do their shopping via tablet computer.

• Email is the most used "sharing mechanism" on iPads, not Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest.

• Google refers more than twice as many iPad users as Facebook.

• The iPad's busiest hour: 9-10 pm. However, the "most thoughtful time" for the iPad is 12-1 am, when people tend to spend more time on their iPads.

• "Men's lifestyle content" is said to be the most engaging content on iPads based on usage, with "business/finance" content coming in second.
KC's View:
I'm an enormous Apple fan - I write on a MacBook Pro, and regularly use an iPhone, iPad and even Apple TV. But when I see this data about how the iPad is used, I wonder if it all adds up to a user base that skews a little older.

If I'm right about that, it isn;t a problem for me … but it could be a problem for Apple, which has to make sure it stays both cool and relevant to a younger demographic.