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The Los Angeles Times reports that the war on trans fats has produced an unexpected victor.


The story says that the "shift toward natural ingredients and the backlash against trans fats pushed butter consumption in the U.S. to a 40-year high in 2012, according to the latest statistics. Americans now eat 5.6 pounds of butter per capita, up from a low of 4.1 pounds in 1997. In the last decade alone, butter consumption has grown 25%." This despite the fact that until recently butter "was thought to be cloying, fattening, dangerous for your arteries, and it took a creaming from oil-based substitutes like margarine."
KC's View:
This is exactly what has happened in our house … and one of the things we've found is that because we're conscious of the fact that butter is a fat, we're using a lot less of it. We don't kid ourselves that it is healthy, but we tend to be much more conscious of how we use it and when.