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CVS yesterday announced the launch of what it is calling the Family Vitamin Center, described as "a new health hub on that empowers customers to learn more about the vitamins and supplements that can support their personal health goals. This new online resource helps take the confusion out of the vitamin aisle and arms users with comprehensive information about hundreds of vitamins and supplements. The Center features an interactive questionnaire and guidance tools that provide personalized supplement recommendations identifying which options are best suited to address personal wellness goals or health condition. It also allows users to shop by goal, such as heart health or immune support, and get the latest health tips.

In addition, the company says, "Customers can also sign up for Ship & Save, an automatic replenishment program that offers a 20% savings on every vitamin or supplement purchased and free shipping."
KC's View:
What I like about this is the idea that you can use the site as a resource from a variety of directions, customized to the shopper's specific needs … and then the auto-replenishment is the component that actually will generate revenue. It is a great feature, especially in this segment, where consumption usually is steady and ongoing need is regular.

It is just like Amazon's Subscribe & Save program. More retailers ought to move in this direction, as a way of driving sales and cementing customer relationships.