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The Portland Business Journalreports that New Seasons Markets has announced plans for a new store in Southeast Portland's Woodstock neighborhood - directly across the street from a Safeway store. It will, according to the story, "include underground parking for 56 as well as a street-level store, covered parking and a rooftop deck."

Wendy Collie, the New Seasons CEO, is quoted as saying, ""We love everything about Woodstock — from its students and families, locally owned restaurants, and the fact that there's a working farm nearby."

New Seasons currently operates 13 stores, with three more in development. When the Woodstock unit opens, it will be the retailer's 17th.
KC's View:
I can't say it enough. One of the real pleasures of living in Portland during the summers is having the opportunity to shop at stores like New Seasons, which offer an intelligent approach to shopping, cooking and eating that makes me feel smart just for walking in the front door.