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ForeSee, which analyzes customer experiences, is out with a report on satisfaction levels during the just-completed 2013 holiday shopping season, concluding that Amazon and LL Bean got the highest grades for company-level satisfaction, while Publix supplanted the Apple Store for having the strongest store experience.

While Amazon was rated as having the strongest mobile experience, Walmart is described as being the company with the greatest improvement in this area.

Indeed, these customer satisfaction levels are seen by the study as being predictive of future behavior:

"When comparing the future behaviors of highly satisfied customers (with satisfaction scores of 80 or higher) to less satisfied customers (with satisfaction scores of 69 or less), ForeSee found that highly satisfied customers this holiday shopping season report being: 71 percent more likely to prefer the company to others, 57 percent more likely to retain loyalty to the company, 72 percent more likely to purchase additional products or services from the company, 64 percent more likely to purchase next time they are in the market to buy similar products or services, 63 percent more likely to give a positive recommendation, (and) 60 percent more likely to trust the company."
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