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Marketing Daily reports that Whole Foods is saying that its first national ad campaign "is building awareness and traffic, and that its new loyalty program is generating a response well above industry-average."

The story says that according to an independent analyst, Whole Foods' ad campaign "seems to have resonated well with customers, seeing buzz/awareness double, with eight out of 10 customers having seen the ad in some format." And the loyalty program - currently being tested in the Princeton/Philadelphia market - is said to be generating "a 60% opening rate on its email, compared to single digits for other retail chains."
KC's View:
No surprise here, but certainly worth noting. Marketing works. Data analysis works. And when you combine the two, it should not be surprising that it is possible to move the needle. (There's two different kinds of marketing going on here...mass and targeted. I'm more interested in the latter ... though I understand why Whole Foods needed to send a broader message.)

What I don't understand is why a retailer would not use data analysis to market more effectively to customers.