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DigitalMusicNews reports that "Whole Foods may be the latest retailer to stop selling CDs, a move that would follow a similar announcement by Starbucks.   According to one source inside the high-end supermarket, Whole Foods is now ‘seriously considering’ dropping CD sales from ‘most of its stores’ within months."

According to the story, "The impact of the move could be more psychological than anything else.  Late last month, Starbucks decided to stop selling CDs as well, the end of a long, multi-year attempt to not only sell CDs, but promote artists as well.  Now, it’s back to lattes and pumpkin scones. Other retailers are hanging on… for now.  Just recently, Target dampened rumors that it would be dropping CDs, though Walmart has one foot out the door."
KC's View:
Quickly, CDs seem to be going the way of the eight track tape. And to be honest, I didn't even know that Whole Foods sold CDs.

What's the over-under on when a young person you know looks at you and says, "What's a CD?"