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The Washington Post reports that Bill Nye, usually referred to as "Bill Nye the Science Guy" because of his old children's science TV show, has had a change of heart about GMOs.

Over the years, the story says, "Nye has suggested that there’s something fundamentally problematic with foods containing GMO crops. He has argued that GMOs may carry environmental risks that we can never rule out with certainty."

But now, after having spent time with Monsanto scientists, Nye says that he has changed his mind ... and you can see what he's now saying about GMOs here.
KC's View:
Still think there ought to be some sort of labeling program, if only to assuage the people who are concerned about GMOs. Information is not condemnation.

That said ... assuming that Nye's change of heart is organic and not influenced by Monsanto money (and I have no reason to believe that it is), there is something to be said for a person who is willing to adjust his or her perspective. It is rare, especially in this world of people who believe more in ideology than thinking, practice epistemic closure rather than empiricism, and live their lives within the filter bubble.