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• The Wall Street Journal reports that the US Food and Drug Administration "paved the way for new restrictions on antibiotics given to cows, chickens and other farm animals as the Obama administration pursues ways to fight the so-called superbugs that are growing increasingly resistant to infection-fighting drugs. The FDA on Tuesday issued a set of guidelines for veterinarians who will, as of next year, be responsible for prescribing antibiotics for animals destined for the dinner plate—marking a key step in ending the practice of distributing those drugs over the counter."

According to the story, "The move was announced as the Obama administration convened the White House Forum on Antibiotic Stewardship, which brought together government officials and industry representatives who have committed to taking steps to prolong the usefulness of existing antibiotics ... Widespread overuse in both animals and humans has created strains of microbes that no longer respond to popular forms of treatment, according to consumer groups and public health officials."

Fortune has a piece about General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, who says that he like to go "to Walmart and check to see where our light bulbs are placed," saying he finds the act to be "joyful."

“There’s no job that’s beneath me,” he adds, noting that he does not find it to be an "un-CEO task."
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