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• The San Antonio Business Journal reports that Walmart is taking on H-E-B in San Antonio, "and their respective expansion plans will be both aggressive and similar.

"Currently, H-E-B has more locations than all of the discount retailers active in the San Antonio area combined. The locally based retailer has 50 stores, with SuperTarget coming in at five, conventional Target at 11 and Wal-Mart SuperCenter at 30."

However, "Wal-Mart's newer Neighborhood Center concept - which will give the retailer a leg up in the grocery segment and of which there are five storefronts in San Antonio - has six locations pending for this year alone. And that's just the beginning. The retailer is actively looking for developable sites to draw in some of H-E-B's impressive market share. Walmart Neighborhood Centers, too, will be setting up shop in West San Antonio and a few locations scattered throughout the eastern part of town."
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