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The Street reports on a study from Cowen and Company concluding that "there are about 36 million (Amazon) Prime subscribers in the U.S., which corresponds to one in three Internet-connected households."

Amazon Prime is the company's loyalty program, offering two-day shipping to customers who may a $99 annual fee; it also offers free streaming of movies, TV shows and music, as well as original, differentiated content.

More Prime numbers from the story:

"About 93% of Prime members visited the site in May; about 72% of non-Prime customers did so. Many weren't just visiting the site, they were spending money too. About 82% of Prime members purchased goods on Amazon in May, compared with about 45% of non-prime members. Prime purchasers now account for 46% of total Amazon purchasers, up from 37% in May 2014."
KC's View:

I've always argued that Amazon, more than being a retailer, is actually the world's biggest and best loyalty marketing program, extrapolating from people's specific purchase behavior to offer them products and services that build on demonstrated interests, folding them into an ever-increasing ecosystem. The numbers bear out this view of Amazon's past, and likely its future.