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The New York Times had an interesting piece the other day about how new, small food companies "are flourishing, encroaching on market share and gaining national distribution as shoppers reach for products that tout themselves as novel, local, rarefied or containing better ingredients." While so-called "big food" companies continue to dominate the market, the story suggests that traditional brands "lost market share in 42 of 54 categories, from baby food to yogurt, over the last five years as new products gained."

Critically important to this trend, the Times writes, "are investors eager to finance new food businesses. Major Silicon Valley firms like Khosla Ventures have put money into such businesses, and Silicon Valley-style 'accelerators,' like AccelFoods and CircleUp, raise early-stage financing and offer management and administrative consulting to small food businesses."

It is worth reading, and you can do so here.
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