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The Indianapolis Business Journal reports that Marsh supermarkets, having already designated 19 of its stores to be closed has identified another 16 that could be shuttered if the company cannot find a buyer.

"“The company is currently seeking buyers or business partners that would allow our locations to continue operations and avoid closures,” Marsh said in a letter to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. “If the company is unsuccessful in its efforts the company will be forced to permanently close the locations identified on the enclosed list and terminate employees at those locations in 60 days from the date of this notice or sooner.”

The Business Journal writes that "after the 19 stores close in May, Marsh will operate just 44 stores, down from 120 in 2006, when Florida-based Sun Capital Partners acquired the company. But the number of Marsh stores in Sun’s portfolio would fall to just 28 if all 16 close that are listed in Monday’s letter to the state."
KC's View:
It would appear that the Sun is setting for Marsh, in what seems to be an ignominious end for a company that had a strong heritage that has, over the years, been squandered.